Monday, November 23, 2009

If I had left a note for the nanny today it would have read...

So, I didn't have a chance to write the note that was in my head for Jesscia, our nanny, this morning before running out the door (late again) for work and then spilling oj all over my I rambled off the part about the juice to my hubby in the hopes that he would pass it along...but if I had been the ultra prepared, totally organized mom, my baby's note would have read the following:

Dear Jessica,

1. So, we started juice this weekend. He can have 1 cup a day with either lunch or snack. We don't want him to think he can have juice all day long and become hooked on it and refuse his water and/or milk.

2. He only pooped once yesterday so that means he's probably going to have at least 3 today. I apologize ahead of time.

3. He was super fussy last night and ended up sleeping in our bed ALL night. He likes to sleep sideways in my spot so that I end up curled up at the foot of the bed next to our dog, Max. Max does not like having someone in his spot but he's starting to get used to it. He might be very cranky, fussy, icky today, just like his Mom. Again, I apologize.

4. We have spent 4 days together just hanging out. He will miss me today (this is what I chose to believe) just like I will be missing him. Please give extra cuddles today from me and let him know that as soon as we hit the lottery, I will be available full-time.


  1. Sounds like something I could have written. My instructions were always like 4 pages longer than they shoulda been. Now I'm just like - call me if he gets too upset :)

  2. Hey, I just noticed a link from Courtney's blog to yours! I enjoyed reading some of your most recent posts. You always did have a way with words.