Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our First Adult Getaway in 3 YEARS!

Yep, so it finally happened. We said goodbye to Taco (our nickname for baby W) and headed to the mountains for 2 days of skiing, snowboarding, sleep and other adult type things. Our first vacation together just me and Ric in 3 years..and those three years have included a couple of the most significant events in our lives...a flood that destroyed our home, a rebuild of said home thanks to flood insurance, moving in with my inlaws while I was seven months pregnant, moving into my parents retirement home, moving back into the "flood" house, and the MOST important of all, getting pregnant after trying for a YEAR and giving BIRTH..yep, so we've been a little busy but I figured since W. is almost 15 months old, he would probably have enough memories to remember me when I came home but not old enough to miss us so bad that he refused to play, eat or poop (the main parts of his day).

We are so lucky to have grandparents that live 2 streets away and that are willing to tackle the ever changing, never the same 2 nights in a row, dreaded nights. Yes, they were tired when we returned home but they said they loved every minute of it, even the 2:00 AM wrestling match with Will rolling around on Granddad and sleeping across Grammie's neck. They even said we could make plans to do it again. WOOHOO!! (How is next Friday? haha) Those are some good grandparents.

But back to the story at hand..we went to Appalachian Ski Mountain..stayed in a room that wasn't pretty but it was perfect for what we needed and hit the slopes. Now, I have never stepped foot in skis or on a snowboard. I've never even been on a skateboard and the last experience I had with rollar blades left me with a pretty nasty road rash (OUCH! I will never again try to walk a german shepherd/beagle mix on rollar blades) I'm not the most graceful or balanced gal..we tried to just wing it at first, along with the 3,000 App. students that were also there that night for orientation. I mean seriously? On a Tuesday night? COME ON! But when I couldn't even walk up a tiny little hill, I knew I was going to need some instruction. Some serious professional instruction. We signed up for a group lesson but it only ended up being the 2 of us and our instructor..a 16 year old little ski-dude who when talking referred to "older people" and I think he meant US. Anywho..I made it up on the skis and down on the bunny slopes a couple time and felt pretty good about myself. Now my husband who "claimed" he had been skiing once like 15 years ago is a big fat LIAR. He was awesome on skis..he made it look so easy and fun, just like one of those fellas in the olympics. Totally cool to see your husband just rock at something you've never seen him do before!

The next day we decided since we had mastered the art of skiing..haha..we'd tackle snowboarding. Again..we went with a lesson and again we were the only ones who signed up for that one..very nice! I knew as soon as I locked into that board that I was wrong..skiing is not scary..skiing is fun and free and your legs can move independent of the other one. Snowboarding is one tricky, terrifying sport. I fell down the hill repeatedly, face first, butt first, flying down the hill throwing out "shit!" while the 6 years old skiied down with expert percision. Ric fell down like twice. I had to talk myself into picking up my foot to go again and again..Ric was doing turns and jumps after 20 minutes. You get the picture..He took to it in no time and loved it and I couldn't wait to trade in my board and go back to the skis. But we laughed. A LOT. We smiled and talked and just took our time. No schedules, no one to feed but ourselves and we just ate JUNK, just the two of us. It was by far one of my favorite vacations with him.

And even though we missed taco and he missed us (we were told), we all did just fine, no better than fine. It was really, really great.