Monday, February 1, 2010

My Kid Thinks I'm Pretty Neat

So, I got my W2 in the mail last week and it set my mind into motion..How can this be? I'm making LESS now than I did in 2004? This is ridiculous! No wonder it feels like we never have any money! This went on for quite some time and then I set out on the computer, career builder to be exact. I glanced around until something caught my eye. A paralegal job in Charlotte in litigation and appeals (which is the area that I work in now). Hmmmm. I thought about it for a day or two before I mentioned it to Ric. When I finally did, he said what any extremely supportive husband would say, 'I'll support you in whatever you do'. As much as I like to hear that, it didn't really help my decision any. See, to work in Charlotte, I could expect a hefty raise in my sad little salary, but I'd be trading in a whole lot. Right now, I work in Concord, 15 minutes from my house. I only work Mondays-Thursdays because my boss knows how hard it was for me to come back to work after having Will and well, because he is an ok guy, he lets me take off on Fridays to be with Will. I can leave work at the drop of a hat if I need to get home for whatever reason. No questions ask, because again, my boss rocks. And I've been here for 6 years. They took me in with NO experience, and he has taught me everything I know about litigation.

But it was something Ric said that really helped me make up my mind. He said late one night this weekend that Will wouldn't be a little one forever and it would be wise for us to spend as much time as possible with him now, while we can. I realized last night that right now Will thinks I'm pretty neat. I feed him when he's hungry, I know where all his tickle spots are, I read him the books he picks out and I play the games he makes up, like when he stuffs shapes in my mouth and I blow them out as far as I can and he laughs and goes and brings it back (kind of like a game of fetch). He thinks I rock. And I know that the older he gets he might not always feel that way. His dad is a pretty cool guy too, and he's gonna teach him how to work on cars and play with power tools (I can't compete with that), so for now, I want to soak up each and every minute I can with him. So, I'm staying put. I may have to work, but at least where I'm at now, I can take my Fridays and spend it with my baby. And that is worth way more than any big, fat paycheck.

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  1. It's all a big weighing game, isn't it... And it's exhausting. Good luck to ya :)