Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At Sixteen Months

You are 16 months old! How can that be? It was just yesterday when you were looking up at me with a look of total wonder like 'where am I' and 'are you the lady who feeds me?'. You are not a little baby any more and at least once a day, this breaks my heart. But for the most part, you amaze me and your dad every day. You understand far more than you can speak right now. You went over and picked out every book I asked for the other night while we were reading!! I had no idea you were really listening when we read books every night before bed! You say dada all the time and momma only when it's a really urgent matter. You point at everything and say 'da'. We figure that means 'that'. You've gotten the hang of saying 'thank you' when someone hands you something, at least, that's what we like to think you are saying. Sometimes you just talk and talk and talk with such emphasis that I know you are talking about something serious. I can't wait until you start talking in words I can understand. I know you have a lot to say. You've learned how to cheese really big when a camera is out (see above) and you've even taken a couple pretty decent shots. Maybe you have a future in photography.

You are in the process of getting FIVE molars and it is tough work. You seem to enjoy chewing on mustard bottles for pain relief. And having extra cuddle time which is ok with me. You love to watch the Wonder Pets and any time Moose and Zee are on, you get very still. In fact, that is the only time you are very still. I tried to make you a Moose and Zee pillow but you seem very uninterested. If they are not on that big tv, they are just not as good.

You STILL do not sleep through the night. I'm not sure what else to say about that other than..please, please sleep through the night soon. You have taken an interest in sleeping in our bed around midnight each night and because I am exhausted, I bring you in there. I guess that makes me an enabler. You are also very attached to my pillow. You do not like to share the bed. You sleep sideways most nights. Although I am more tired than I can even say, the perk is that you always snuggle in close to me while you sleep and sometimes you make the sweetest little noises..little sighs, small words..it is the most precious thing and makes it totally worth missing sleep.

Monkey is still your #1 friend. Monkey comes everywhere with us. One day when you're older I will tell you how we really had two monkeys that we switch out so that you always had a somewhat clean monkey to chew on and that I was terrified that you would somehow find both monkeys and your universe would suddenly no longer make sense!

I can't believe how fast it's all going by! I love you more each and every day.


  1. Love it. (We have 2 Mickeys. We understand.)

  2. Will is a total cutie!!! And I think he looks like his mommy!