Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flipped off by a Squirrel and I Deserved It

So on Sunday, I took on the job of clearing out what some would consider a yard. Being out of the house from the flood for almost a year and having left it a bit of a mess before that, we were now left with some serious overgrown weeds, trees, bushes, etc. The hubby took baby W. to see G&G for a couple of hours so I got all dressed in long pants and long sleeves and a sweat band (yeah, pretty hot, I know) and went out front. Truth be told, I'm not really a fan of yard work..I'm terrified of bugs and snakes and anything that has more legs than me; however, I have lately become a fan of exercise and since it was 80 degrees outside this weekend and I was dressed like it was 40 degrees, I knew I'd sweat off the pancakes and bacon I had for breakfast. And sure enough about an hour into it, I was sweltering, nearing the point of seeing those funny black spots when I'd open and close my eyes. I continued to clear out the twigs and got ahold of a particularly large one. It was one that had grown up from the ground and spiraled around the tree. I started to tug on it and realized it wasn't going to come easy. So, I started to 'heave and ho' and ended up getting it down with a lot of work. I felt awesome. Like superwoman of the weeds. But as the final piece fell from the sky, along with it came a squirrel's nest, followed closely by a very angry squirrel. I felt horrible. I felt even worse when that squirrel looked right at me and I swear gave me the finger as he ran off.

I tried to apologize but he wasn't hanging around for it. I now have 3 sizeable dents in my car and a whole through my rain visor where the little rats have thrown nuts at my car. What kind of shit is that??

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